The stone drywall

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The stone drywall is an element that signs a wide part of the Sardinian agricultural landscape. Its constitutive element is the same of Sardinia, antique Mediterranean rock.

This primitive architectural form, although elementary, brings quite interesting contents that are worth identifying. First of all it consists of stones, stones found by chance, but placed in the right order and with the right skill, they define a separation between two spaces. One here and one there, one inside and one out. This is a banality when compared to what the dry wall is itself. A group of inert elements (stones) that collected and put together, with few adjustments, without any adhesive material, go to create a community that stands for centuries.

For some time Paolo baraldi has been conducting a personal research on stones, which is why these architectural elements have attracted the attention of both the attention and the attention. In fact in the first meeting with the telti boys asked everyone to go and look for and find a stone, choose it among infinities possible and then draw it on paper. A simple and affordable operation. A pure but important preparatory exercise for the work of the following days.

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