First steps in Villacidro

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art influence collective

Sharing, weaving, hospitality, nature, life, dream, community are the words that opened the residence of Art influence collective. The 4 artists have been welcomed by a curious community, which has shown on several occasions that they want to tell.

Saturday evening opened with an informal meeting at the council chamber of the municipality of Villacidro and a subsequent immersion in the traditional dances of the Gruppo Folk Gippi. A large dancing crowd embraced the collective and, under the guidance of a festive organ, transported everyone to another dimension.

Sunday was an urban drift, the discovery of corners of the country and the meeting on the street, or inside the houses, of a smiling community.
The beautiful reality of the Ecole de madame Folieand has opened up an incredible world where art, craftsmanship and madness intertwine with smiles and personal stories. We didn't think a dream like this could become real.
The Is lacuneddas committee ended the day with an incredible convivial dinner.

The road of work seems to be drawn, it will not be possible to ignore the community, and the Art influence collective will do everything to involve it.

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